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Respecting Leadership

Well, Zach and I watched the Presidential Forum this evening. Watching and listening to the two men in competition for the most powerful position in the world is interesting, if disturbing. I don’t doubt either candidates love for our country and the people; but I cannot get over how harshly negative this entire campaign has been! There is so much talk about change from the ‘bottom to the top’ and ‘putting country first;’ but the biggest need for change in my mind is respect for leadership! I don’t see either McCain or Obama respecting each other or the government that is also over them (ironically, they are both currently a part of the governing D.C. body). I understand the need for freedom of the press and I am also grateful for the freedoms to speak our mind most anywhere in this country. We are truly blessed! I am sad over the amount we as Americans fill our freedom speech newspapers, news shows, advertisments, snail mail flyers, and internet links with our disatisfication with our government and our living conditions. We talk and instruct our children on respecting God, parents, elders, teachers, other people, etc. Are we all hypocrites? Are we praciticing what we ‘preach?’ Adults so frequently gripe about their bosses and government (local, state and national). So a generation grows up seeing their parents, relatives and other adults so self consumed with their comforts, needs, opinions and rights that the lesson of respecting authority and serving others is lost! The Bible is so clear we are to respect those in authority over us (Romans 13:5-6, Titus 3:1-3, Hebrews 13:17). Does this mean teaching our children we will never disagree with those over us? No! But the Bible also lays out a plan for confronting those we have conflict with (Matthew 5:23). At the same time, the Bible instructs us to love our neighbor and to serve. The Bible also tells us to speack to one another with words of encouragement. And as Pastor Rick Warren eloquently summerizes, “It’s not about you.” So, interesting question: Does this post show respect to the authority over me? What can I do on a practical, daily basis to show our children to Love our Lord by showing respect?


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