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Little Bugs. . .

It’s 2:30AM. The house is quiet. Everyone is sleeping. Sleeping, that is, until Sarah screams at the top of her lungs! I stumble out of bed, making my way to her room in a bleary state. I find her standing in the middle of her room, frantically screaming while pointing to a (very tiny) spider on the ceiling. You have GOT to be kidding, I think to myself! I had no means of killing this spider (all extra chairs are downstairs), and I was not about to wake up Zach for this task. I told her that the spider would not hurt her and to go back to bed. More screams as I zombie walk back to bed next to Zach. I finally call to her telling her that if the spider above her bed is that bothersome to sleep on the rug on her floor! She quickly calmed down and it got silent again, with a few rustles of settling oneself comfortable. Thinking she had seen the folly of her ways and chosen a soft, comfortable bed over the prospect of the floor, I drifted back to sleep. Where did we find her this morning? On the floor! I was shocked! We discussed other options for Sarah the next time the night bugs come back to startle Sarah. We have tentatively come up with making a make-shift bed (thin pillow and a couple blankets), on the floor next to our bed. That way she can have the comfort she probably needs being near us, and we all get the sleep we need. We’ll see how this works. Anyone had any luck with this method or can recommend something else?


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