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little amusements

I am exhausted! I love my husband and our kids; but it has been an exhausting week! Joanna and Lydia were both getting over colds. I’m not sure there is a word to describe the emotion I felt when Joanna woke up Monday morning with a wall of snot from her nose to her chin. Sarah, who is potty trained, decided to have accidents everyday this week. Lydia went through no less than four outfits a day due to spitting up and explosive diapers. I seemed to get further and further behind with dishes and laundry when lots little issues in parenting kept coming up this week! However, I have to share a couple ‘highlight’ stories from this week for amusement:

The Backpack. In getting ready for our library visit, both girls put their backpacks on. Sarah expertly hoisted hers up on her back. Joanna slipped both straps through her arms and wore the bag on her tummy. Sarah, the ever ‘helpful’ older sibling, verbally corrected Joanna. Joanna was content to wear her backpack as a frontpack! After many attempts to change Joanna’s mind, Sarah fell to the floor in a dramatic heap, sobbing!

MOPS. I went to my first MOPS meeting this week! It was an encouraging experience for me! The speaker for this week gave us so many ideas and resources for helping our children learn (pre and early reading, pre and early writing, etc.). I came home, excited to share these tips with Zach! It was also great to have both Sarah and Joanna do so well in their classes during MOPS. No crying from Joanna! Yeah! I was a bit more worried about dropping Sarah off because she can be so shy. I was nearly in tears when I picked her up and found her sitting at a table with the other kids doing crafts (using a glue stick to decorate a felt apple)! She had also drawn a couple other pictures during her stay! Knowing how well they did takes so much weight off my mind as I try to connect with other Christian moms in the area for support, ideas, networking, friendship, etc.

The Debate. Zach and I watched the debate live via cnn.com stream. Very nifty technology. We were initially shocked at how much the candidates interupted each other and began arguing. We ended up laughing a lot when the moderator, Jim Leher, kept trying to get them back on track, etc. The result was a jumble of words and noise, the meaning and context undiscernable to the listening ear! They both looked incredibly exhausted. They was not surprising given the extra time they have had to recently put in D.C. with the financial crisis. From our perspective they pretty muched tied last night.

Sweet sisters. We keep Friday Nights set aside as special family time. We have pizza and ice cream for dinner. We watch, as a family, a short and age appropriate film, and after the kids are asleep Zach and I watch rented Star Trek episodes or another movie. Well, this past Friday we watched a classic Winnie the Pooh Story. Sarah was content to sit in one spot for the duration of the ‘movie.’ Joanna was incredibly mesmarized, but couldn’t sit in one spot to save her life. We finally gave her a choice to sit in either Mommy’s, Daddy’s or Sarah’s lap for the rest (five minutes remaining) of the story. She chose Sarah’s! She sat down on Sarah’s legs and Sarah put her arms around Joanna’s waist. So sweet.


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