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I’m tired!

Have you ever had one of those days?

How about a string of those days?

I’m not sure what has gotten into my older two kids, but it seems as if it has been tantrums and meltdowns continuously for the past three days!!! I am exhausted! I love my children dearly, and I persevere through these rough days knowing what I am sowing into their lives! What could have happened to leave me in such a state? Let see: six pee-pee/potty training accidents just today, pee-pee in my brand new shoes (from one of those previous accidents), the amount of water in my oldest’s cup was not “right,” fits when bathtime was done (requiring me to physically restrain my middle kiddo or she would have seriously hurt herself in the tantrum), a split lip in a ‘bonk’ accident, my oldest decided her tennis shoes, black shoes and her sisters shoes needed to be washed in the bathroom sink, my oldest decided my votive candles in their holders also needed to be washed, and apparently my freshly cleaned bathroom counter top needed to be flooded as well, my older two decided to start their day an hour early at 6:00AM today (on a day we didn’t HAVE to get up to take Zach to work so we could have the car), my youngest had an extra wake-up feeding last night, my youngest is sick with a cold, our cat is in heat and got outside, we ran out of peanut butter, my older two are refusing to fall asleep at bedtime, my middle kiddo found a tube of Lotrimin and squirted it all over herself and a puzzle. . .and the list goes on! What to do in seasons like this? I think what I read in Ephesians this morning gives the best advice, “in all things, give thanks unto the Lord. . .” It is so much easier to wallow in self-pity and frustration, but let’s give it a go with thankfullness! I am thankful Zach was able to pick up peanut butter on the way home from work today, I am thankful Joanna didn’t bleed too much from her split lip, I am thankful Joanna didn’t actually hurt herself when bathtime was done, I am thankful Joanna is wanting to potty train and is making progress, I am thankful Joanna and Lydia took lengthy afternoon naps allowing me to get a short snooze in while Sarah watched an Angelina ballerina video, I am thankful my kids run up to me to hug me and tell me they love me, I am so thankful for my loving and incredible husband, I am thankful the kids loved all three of their meals today, I am thankful Lydia didn’t have a fever today, I am thankful I was able to clean my new shoe, I am thankful most of the potty accidents were on or in Joanna’s clothes and not huge puddles on the floor, most of all–I am thankful I serve an awesome God to whom I can go to and honestly vent how I feel, ask for forgiveness for my faults in parenting, receive forgiveness, ask for wisdom in how to proceed and rest in the peace He alone gives! Thank you, Jesus!


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