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Catching ZZZ’s and receiving blessings!

Couple things have happened this week which have been monumental in our lives:

1) Sleep. Sleep. Sleep! For four nights now, the ENTIRE family has slept through the night! Amazing thing, sleep is! Up until Monday night, Lydia was up at least one or two times a night. Well, she slept through Monday night. And Tuesday night. Wednesday night. And Thursday night! Could it be? She’s going to be consistantly sleeping through now? I had begun to wonder if she ever would sleep through–she’s almost six months old and our other two kiddos were both sleeping through the night at six weeks and ten weeks, respectively. Well, even if it doesn’t continue, at least I’ve gotten a few days of full night’s rest. Human again, I feel human again! 🙂

2) Winter is approaching. Kids are growing. Joanna and Lydia benefit (or at least our budget does) from older sibling hand-me-downs. Not Sarah. I’ve been watching the end of her pants creeping up her ankles for the past few weeks, wondering where in the world we were going to find the extra cash in the budget to cover the latest growth spurt. God heard my sighs and chose to extend a little grace to our situation. This morning, one of Zach’s co-workers gave us two HUGE bags of clothing their kid’s had outgrown. Most of the clothing was in the EXACT size we needed to get Sarah through the winter. Including extra shoes and coats too! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus for providing!!!

Something extra: Joanna came rushing into the kitchen yesterday afternoon as I was preparing dinner. She body slammed a hug on my knees (any mom of a toddler knows exactly what this is), looked up at me and said the most precious words ever, “Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy! I love you!”


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  1. Yeah for sleeping!!!! Yeah for loves!!!!!

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