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I’m Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have been to church this morning, and are now resting before heading to the burbs to feast with Zach’s family! On this day of giving thanks, I want to cite many of the things I am especially thankful for.

–I am thankful for God’s love and the gift of His son, Jesus to us! Praise you, Father, for who You are!
–I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby, Zach! The most amazing, brilliant, handsome, creative, husband and father ever!
–I am so thankful for my three precious daughters! They bring me so much joy (and laundry).
–I am thankful for my many wonderful friends! I have been encouraged, challenged and enriched by them!
–I am thankful for our church!
–I am thankful in this economy, we have a job, roof and car!

On a humorous note:
–I am thankful we currently have chocolate in the house!
–I am thankful we all have matching socks on this morning.
–I am thankful for bottled spring water.
–I am thankful for burp clothes.
–I am thankful for the bottle of hair detangler. Where would I (and my daughter’s hair) be without you every morning?
–I am thankful laundry stain sticks. How would we survive without them?
–I am thankful for digital cameras!–no more film developed on bad pictures!
–I am thankful for e-mail, facebook, blogs, etc. that have reunited me with many friends and allowed us to stay in touch!
–I am thankful for holiday baking smells!

What are you thankful for?


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