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Oh, the irony. . .

Several hours after the event, I cannot help but be somewhat amused. I wrote a lengthy post yesterday. I ranted about winter driving; and even gave advice for surviving winter and winter driving. Today, I drove into a ditch. Not on purpose, of course. I was driving home after Bible study with kids in tote when we hit a section of the road completely covered in ice. Maybe I should rephrase that. The roads in town were perfectly clear. We encountered the ice when we passed over the Dekalb township line into Malta township. Ick. So, I drove a few miles on this ice. I drove on it all winter last year so I wasn’t too worried. It was also daylight and I could see it was definitely ice and where it was more slushy or snow covered. No problem. Didn’t count on having to swerve ever so slightly to avoid a car coming from the opposite direction (who was not over completely on his side of the road). So, we fishtailed slightly to the right. To the left. A little more to the right. To the left. Even more to the right. To the left. A big swing to the right. To the left. At this point Sarah is screaming bloody murder from the back seat! Another big swing with a touch of swerve to the right. To the left. More screaming from the backseat! Finally, a swing and swish off to the right of the road, down and up the ditch, with the front of our van sharing space with harvested corn stalks! More screams from the back seat. My reaction? I was stunned. I was quiet. I was calm. Scary calm. You know that calm you get when you know that you absolutely have to be calm because everyone is depending on you to be calm. That scary calm. “It’s ok guys! We’re ok! We’re just stuck in the snow! God is in control! See, the van is ok! We are ok! We need to thank Jesus we are ok and none of us have any owies! Now, Mommy is going to make a phone call to ask help in getting our van out of the snow. Do you want a cookie?” That cookie allowed me to make those phone calls! My first call was to a friend to come and help me with the kids. I had no idea how long we were going to be there with towing issues and I thought the kids would be better getting on home since it was pretty cold. Kudos to Lucy for coming out right away and keeping the kids distracted while we towed! Next, I called another friend, who actually runs the farm we live on. He came out with chains and his truck and pulled the van down and out of the ditch! Yeah–Mr. Roger! Then the really, really scary part came. I had to get back in the van and drive the remaining three miles home. On ice. Whew, I made it! Thank you Jesus! The most memorable part of the ordeal? As I was pulling onto our street I heard a tiny voice from the backseat, “Thank you Jesus for getting our van out of the snow and keeping us safe! Amen!” Amen, indeed!


3 Responses

  1. Irony indeed! Part of you just had to laugh when that happened after blogging about it yesterday. LOLGlad you’re all safe!

  2. Oh yes–one of my random thoughts as I was waiting for friends to come was, “I can’t believe this happened after all I wrote about on my blog yesterday!” 😛

  3. I’m so proud of my kids! -the Hubby

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