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Survival of the sane

I’m really hoping the start of our winter is not indicative of what is yet to come! It could be a very long winter, if it is! I remember going slightly crazy last winter when I was snowed-in with the kids for many days! I also only had two kiddos at the time, while sick out my gourd pregnant! I survived last winter by decking on the couch and reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, reading with the girls! On a positive outcome, they love books and love trying to read on their own! Now I’ve got three kids and winter looming ahead. I’m hoping to have a slightly more “active” winter with the kids this time around. I got to put that goal into practice today when we received tons of snow. I would have taken the kids out in it, but temperatures were falling, so I decided against it. I also resisted the urge to just put a video on for the kids. This is what we did for cabin fever today: 1) I lined up several boxes in the dining room and had the kids resort ALL of the laundry by type (instead of color)–Pants in first box, shirts in second box, socks in third box, etc. 2) Worked on puzzles! 3) Reading books (of course). 4) Tissue tent game (using clothes pins, pick up tissue tents and drop them in a box–a great game for building finger muscles in preparation for writing). 5) I made home-made memory cards with shapes. 6) Looked at various peoples pictures on facebook. 7) Did one day of our Jesse Tree Advent. I was totally amazed at their reactions. They were responding to the questions the book asked and I asked! 8) Dress-up clothes. 9) Running from one end of the house to the other (gotta burn that energy)! 10) They cleaned out their playhouse! 11) Helping mommy play with Lydia. And of course there were meals, snacks, non-structured playtime and that wonderful time called , ‘naptime!’ And now they are all asleep for the night (I hope)! I am now looking around the living room/dining room/kitchen and realizing I forgot a very important part of any normal day: Clean-up time! 😛


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