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She said, he thinks she said. . .BETTER

I am laughing! My dear hubby called me last night as he was en route home from work. He wondered if I wanted him to pick anything small up to eat. Hmmmm. That el cheapo, plain, soft taco from Taco Bell sounded kinda yummy. “No problem!” he responds! When he gets home, I find that he had gotten something slightly different! Not JUST a plain soft taco. A soft taco with some extra fixings and spices. He came in so bubbly talking about this was BETTER than the soft taco and for the same price! We then gave each other that “you just don’t get it, do you?” look! Then he started laughing hard! “You know, you’d think after six years of marriage I would get it through my head that if you say you want a plain, soft taco–that is exactly what you want! If you say you want a Dr. Pepper–that is exactly what you want!” Of course, I am laughing by now (and munching on his BETTER than plain, soft taco). I realized something very precious in those few moments. My hubby loves me so much he wants to always make things BETTER for me! What a beautiful gift! And I realized, my life has been so much more enriched as well because of his adventures in making things better. And hey, that BETTER than plain, soft taco was actually pretty good! I get so stuck in my rut of things I like and expect that I sometimes forget to explore new things! I am so thankful for my hubby who keeps lovingly taking me to new places and spices! However, a word to the wise (Hubby–are you reading my blog????)–if I’m EVER pregnant again and I tell you I want a piece of toast with a layer of peanut butter, layer of cheese, layer of banana, topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. . .THAT is EXACTLY what I want!!!


5 Responses

  1. My love, you are so precious to me – but I will NEVER make that combination for you! —Hubby

  2. Awww! B and I were wondering the other day, can he still tell exactly how long you’ve been married off the top of his head?

  3. Followed your link from Wifey Wednesday. :)Loved this story and how you were able to see that your husband you loves you through it. It would have been so easy to get mad (which is what I probably would have done) but instead you were able to laugh. Thanks for encouraging me to be better.

  4. LOL! I know what you mean and that is a very good way of looking at it. Most times our husbands want better for us because they love us. I need to remember that more often. Great perspective.

  5. It really is so funny how hubbys and wives communicate, isn't it? How sweet when either partner goes the extra mile. =) My hubby is great about this kind of thing – especially if I'm unwell or pregnant – he gets EXACTLY what I ask for. Very cute.

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