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What can you do with one arm?

Earlier this evening, our baby had the look that stated very clearly, “I want to be held, Mommy!” My hubby was at work and out other two kiddos were entertaining themselves, so I decided to see how far I could get in dinner preparations with one hand!

It is absolutely amazing what you can do with one arm!

For the next hour this is what I did with only one arm/hand:
–Poured ingredients for cookies into a saucepan
–Cooked the cookie mixture
–spooned the cookie mixture onto baking sheets for setting
–Placed battered shrimp on another baking sheet
–Placed baking sheet (with shrimp) in the oven
–Pulled shrimp out of oven
–Spooned jello and applesauce on plates
–Poured juice into cups
–Spooned peanut butter out of a jar (this was by far the hardest task)
–Set the table
–Ate dinner (with kids)
–Pulled dried clothes off of the drying racks
–Put wet clothes on drying racks

After an hour, I was amazed and numb! Would I do it again? Yes! Those moments when your child can sit in your arms content for hours will not last forever! Carpe Diem!


2 Responses

  1. You have just attained Super Mommy status. Once you can do it one armed, everything else is cake. Of course I have absolutely no knowledge of whether or not that is true, but let’s just say it is.

  2. It is amazing what a mom can do with one arm, isn’t it!

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