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A Mommy for modesty

It happened again. I saw my oldest daughter (age 4 1/2 years) coming down the stairs dressed for church. My eyes crossed and my muscles twitched. She had on a tea length blue/white checkered dress (decorated with a few flowers), bright multi-colored stripped tights and black shoes. I (barely) resisted the urge to tell her to change her clothes to something that matched. I stopped for two reasons:

1) She is so incredibly type-A that this weird clothes clashing thing is pretty much the only area of her life she lets be chaotic (or at least it seems chaotic to me). She keeps her room immaculate, the playroom has to be cleaned a certain way, her sandwiches have to be cut in perfect shapes, and the list goes on. I choose to let her have this “outlet” for any non-type A tendency.

2) She was modest. I have yet to find anything that suggest that clashing colors is immodest. I don’t think it looks good, but she did not look like a teeny bop star wanna be. She looked her age. A girly dress, cut modestly. She had either tights or shorts on (my rule: once they are potty trained, they have to either have tights or shorts on underneath their dresses).

Probably immodesty in women (and sadly, now in children) is one of my big soap boxes. For those wanting an interesting shock, take a look at this survey taken last year!


Click on a category, then click on a statement, scroll down to see the results and comments left by guys on the statement.

What are some ideas and things you do with your own daughters to encourage modesty while being feminine and looking well-kept?


2 Responses

  1. Nice work, Allyson. I guess my elbowing worked. :)Modesty…We aren't quite there, yet. I do not look forward to fighting this battle!

  2. Sarah looked very cute on Sunday and modest.So did my daughters, 19 and 13. Still, there are other who toe the line.One of Julia's friend's shorts are so short that you might as well call them panties.

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