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New Christian in our home!

My husband and I are shedding tears of JOY as our oldest daughter (almost 5) prayed to ask Jesus into her heart this evening! Ever since I first glanced at her little newborn hands, I have wondered to myself what kind of journey the Lord would take her on and when (hopefully not, if) she would decide to accept Jesus as Lord.

Tonight as I was combing through her shower fresh, wet hair she was asking about the “bad guy” on a poster she had seen earlier that day. I was really amazed when she observed that he was bad and mean because he doesn’t have Jesus in his heart! I felt MY heart start to race as I (attempted to) calmly ask her questions about her understanding of what she just said–wanting to make sure she comprehended what she was saying (and were I was going). After I was satisfied she understood the basics of salvation at it’s core (as a five year old is going to understand it), we prayed together and she asked Jesus to come into her heart, forgive her sins and be Lord of her life!



5 Responses

  1. what a wonderful blessing!

  2. What Satan intended for evil (Halloween–considering its origins), God used for good! Praise Him!

  3. What an encouraging post, I have a month old daughter and she recently started walking, I cried of joy when I saw her, so happy… I can't wait for that time when we get to have a little chat about Jesus, our father and Savior.Congratulations and Praise God!Blessings from mommy in Brazil.

  4. How wonderful! I'm so happy for you!

  5. Welcome to the kingdom!! 🙂 What a fun thing to experience!

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