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Baking Day

On Saturday, I took some time to bake and freeze. Here were the results:

I made a double batch of Mac’n Cheese Lunches. Measured it out by cup servings, placed in individual storage bags, then piled all of them together into one big gallon size freezer bag. This makes for a quick thaw/cook in the microwave for lunches when we tire of Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches. Total cost: $2.19 The boxes of Macaroni and Cheese were 0.35 each (2x) at Aldi and a package of Turkey Dogs were $1.49 at Target.

I also pureed a pumpkin for use this week. I have an earlier post about this process here. I stored it by (roughly a) cup portions in the refrigerator. The added benefit was our kitchen smelled divine for a few hours!

Next up was cooking a batch of Spanish Stuffed Peppers. Our family loves this meal and now I won’t have to figure out when to make it during our busy week. It’s done, in the freezer and ready to go! Total cost was: $6.82 from Aldi. The peppers were $3.18; the Spanish Rice was $0.59 and the ground beef was $3.05. I will serve this with cornbread and apples later this week.

And finally, my family was very glad that I still made dinner (on time) while trying to bake and freeze everything else. In the chaos, I did manage to forget the salad, but I didn’t hear too many complaints. Here is spaghetti, garlic bread with chocolate milk. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Great meals from Aldi's! The peppers look great! ~Liz

  2. Hi Allyson – just wanted to say thanks for that crockpot recipe you posted in Lynn's Kitchen community. You replied so quick and that recipe has to be one of the easiest I could imagine. If you have any more crockpot recipes – could you post on your blog?p.s. all the food you made in this post looks amazing, too. I want to be you :)Holly

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