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Homemade bandages (and a heart attack)!

I love my kid’s imaginations! I just smile thinking of all the things they invent from ordinary household items. And the stories they spin (well, more on that later). Yesterday yielded some very imaginitive results from each of their ‘owies.’

Our oldest girl, Bean, tripped and banged her knee slightly on the floor. It check out ok and she was running on it a few seconds later with no bruise. Perhaps I should clarify. She was running to grab a small burp cloth and scotch tape to bandage her knee up!

Later, our middle girl, “Boppy” took a small bonk on her face when she fell spinning around the room. I rushed to make sure she was ok and she was laughing and trying to wiggle out of my arms so she could keep spinning. Yup. I think she’s ok! However, our oldest girl, Bean was not satisfied that Boppy was ok. In fact, Boppy seriuosly needed a bandaid on the owie! Bean dutifully went to the table, colored and cut our a bandage from paper, and used some scotch tape from her weekly (scotch tape) allowance and place the bandage on Boppy’s face!

Nice, eh?

Well, a little while later when the kids were taking their showers, I noticed the bandaid was still on her face! I reached in to take it off and saw this huge purplish spot on her face! Oh, I nearly panic and had a heart attack! How had I missed this when I check over her face earlier? Oh wait, it’s washing off. . .it’s the same color as the purple marker used on the bandaid. . .



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  1. Allyson – this post made me laugh because it reminds me of one of my boys (he's 11). Whenever he gets hurt, he's convinced he has broken something (we know he hasn't) and actually cries when we won't take him to the ER. He insists that he needs a brace or crutches. So we humor him a bit – he uses them for about an hour and soon he's running around the house with his brothers like nothing happened.So fun chatting about canning with you on Twitter tonight!Holly

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