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Maybe the flu will pass us over?

Or maybe I’m dreaming!

I know, wishful thinking! With it circulating earlier this year, I know there’s a good chance we’ll have our shot at it. In the mean time, I’ve been collecting tips and information regarding the prevention of the flu. I’ve also seen quite a few ideas on how to alleviate the flu symptoms if you do get it. With my list, I’ve included a few links you might enjoy too.

*I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or otherwise medical/health professional. For goodness sake, check with you doctor if you have any concerns, questions and espcially flu symptoms!! I am a wife and mom, determined to beat the flu this year. . .*

20 things to do about the Flu

1. Wash you hands frequently. (duh)

2. Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.

3. Teach your kids to cover their mouthes (not yours) when they cough or sneeze.

4. Got garlic? Eat some. Eat some more.

5. Echinacea tea can help prevent and alleviate as well. It’s a immune system booster. [we’ve had three colds go through our family this fall so far. My hubby got two, our kids had three, I got one–and only for one day and I drink a cup of Echinacea most mornings].

6. Green tea also has great natural anti-oxident properties and helps keep the immune system healthy.

7. Gargle daily (or 2x daily) with sea salt water. This is cheap an easy, and supposedly has the same preventative affect on a healthy person that Tamiflu has on an infected person.

8. Rinse or gently swab your nose our daily with a saline solution. I know gross. But the flu is grosser (is that a real word?). Some people use a NetiPot. I don’t, nore do we have the budget for one. We use a homemade saline solution of warm water, sea salt and baking soda. Just squirt a little in and then blow your nose. Don’t forget to throw the tissue away.

9. If you’re taking vitamins, take ’em.

10. Eat yo veggies. This would definitely be a good time to heed your mom and grandma’s advice! And get them as fresh as possible! Each bit of processing breaks the nutrients down more and more. If we can’t by something fresh, we try to get frozen. And mix it up too–the more colorful your plate is, the more nutritious!

11. Vitamin C. Here’s a good (but limited) list of some good natural vit. C sources: Orange, Orange Juice,Other citrus fruit/juice, Kiwi fruit, Papaya, Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Sweet Green Peppers, Bell Peppers. Vit. C helps fight the dirty little viruses.

12. Vitamin D. This is a new one for me, but I keep reading all over that they are discovering a link between Vit. D’s ability to fight off the flu, especially the dreaded H1N1 flu. Again–see disclaimer at the top regarding my ‘Non medical professional’ advice. Research it and ask your doc if you’re curious. I’ll be asking ours next time we’re in the office! Until then, I am making sure we’ve got good Vit. D sources going in our bodies. What are some Vit. D sources? Great question. Here they are: cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, tuna, salmon and fortified orange juice.

13. Vitamin K. Something happens when the sun hits your skin (besides cancer). Get out, or at least sit near a sunny window for several minutes a day! Once again–see my *medical disclaimer a the top*

14. Drink water. Plenty of it. It keeps you hydrated and cleanses the inside. Enough said.

15. Bye-bye sugar. It’s been fun. Ok, I cannot completely eliminate sugar from my eating habits. And actually, I’m not sure that would be a good idea, but cutting back is a good thing. I am super careful regarding the amount of processed foods, especially processed sugar that comes into this house! [My kids were shocked when I let them each have ONE candy corn the other day. They did recover quick enough to eat it though]. I have heard tale that one can of pop (soda, coke, soda pop, whatever) contains enough sugar to lower your immune system by 40% for six hours? So long.

16. Get enough rest. Rest if one of the body’s greatest defenses. A time to recharge, so to speak. Plus it does wonders for your ability to cope and be cheerful to your spouse, your children and your friends. šŸ™‚

17. Relaaaaaaax. A stressed person is more likely to get sick. I am not stressed about the flu. I am not stressed about the flu. I am not stressed about the flu. Ack–is that a tickle in my throat? I am not stressed about the flu. I am not stressed about the flu. Ugh. Physician, heal thyself!

18. To vaccine or not to vaccine? It’s your choice. But, make an informed and prayerful decision about what’s best for you and your family. Only you can do that, emotional forwards (from either side) cannot tell you.

19. Tamiflu? I’ve heard if it can be caught within the first 24-48 hours, this can drastically reduce the symptoms and if the entire family gets on it as preventative, most will not get it or the symptoms will be very mild at most. See #7 and #8. Again, medical interventions is your choice. See #18.

20. Probably the MOST important item I can write about is this: God is Sovereign and in control. He is not going to leave his watch for even a second. If we get the flu even with using wisdom in preventative measures, we get it. If you do get the flu, instead of moaning of ‘why’ start asking, “How can I grow from this? What can I learn from this? As a Christian, am I reflecting God through how I react to this?” There is something both comforting and scary knowing that ultimately, we don’t have that control! God does!

Some other great links and lists:

Flu Fighting Muffins

Avoiding the Flu

Preventing Swine Flu

What about you? What are something you are doing to either prevent or cope with the flu?


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  1. Found your site through a mutual blog friend– hope you don't mind I stopped by to visit!I've heard some of these before, but not all of them– thanks for the advice! I too wonder if we'll be lucky enough to avoid the flu this season. I've got a one-year-old who stays home for childcare, but both DH & I work outside the home and I worry about bringing something home! You didn't say if you were planning to vaccinate or not? I'm still on the fence and need input!http://www.confessionsfromaworkingmom.blogspot.com/

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