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Why I STILL love my MobyWrap!

I was given a MobyWrap when Boppy was born and I loved it! I wore her for several months. I also used it with our youngest, Bitty. I loved having them so close to me, they loved being snuggled up to me, and I especially loved how the wrap didn’t hurt my back! I had tried a baby ‘harness’ thing when (our oldest) Bean was born and it made my back really sore! However, I never really gave serious thought to using the Moby beyond 6 months or so.

Until this week.

Bitty sprained her ankle in a playground accident. Thankfully, it’s not serious, but she’s to take it ‘easy’ for a few days! Haha–I really did laugh at the doctor when he told me that! How do you tell an 18 month old to ‘take it easy!’ Evidently Bitty was listening well because she has wanted nothing but my arms since the accident! Now Bitty is somewhat small. She weighs in at about 22 pounds (which is chubby in comparison to Boppy!). However, even with her small stature, my arms were starting to get quite sore. So, on a whim, I pulled out the Moby just before my MOPS meeting and looked up the instructions on the side hold for bigger babies. I thought it might work for Bitty since she’s still the weight of a normal big baby! It worked! Bitty stayed with me during the MOPS meeting. Yup. The entire two hours! Bitty loves it, my arms loves it and my back loves it! It’s great knowing that I can provide that extra comfort she is needing right now, while being able to get somethings done (i.e. packing since we’re moving in TWO WEEKS)!


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