Birthday Celebration

Maybe I should re-title that: What I did for a day and a half instead of packing boxes! 🙂 Well, as luck would have it, our oldest daughter, Bean, had a birthday during this packing/moving season. I was determined to still give her a good birthday, I also knew it would help her with the transition!

My mother-in-law had given me some wonderful cake decorating utensils for my birthday earlier this year and I have to say, it really made decorating the cake MUCH easier! Normally, my homemade cakes royally flop! I guess somethings do go better if you have the RIGHT tools to do it with! I know this cake isn’t the most exquisite, but I was mighty proud of it (considering the past)! She had requested a butterfly on her cake. A butterfly? Butterfly? Thankfully, she thought my “butterfly” resembled the real deal enough, and was elated when she saw the cake!

My next big task was making a play wedding dress ensemble for her! She had a marriage craze for a few months and then attended two weddings this fall! I thought she’d get a real kick out of having her own “wedding dress!” Seeing her excitement and smiles as she opened the box and tried it on made the hours I lost sleep and packing so worth it!

Happy Birthday, Bean!


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  1. Love the dress! Ruby will be a flower girl in a few weeks and is constantly trying to open the bag her dresses are in. (We have 2 in case she spills on one…my mom made them.)

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