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Rice Crispy Train Craft

This was a ton of fun (and yummy). A friend gave me the idea and I kinda took it from there.

Here’s what you need:
Rice Crispy Treats (make ahead of time)
Icing (it acts as the glue)
Whatever candy is in your cupboard or what you want to buy–be imaginitive!

I laid out all ingredients on our table (covered with the vinyl craft cloth). Then I let the kids decorate a couple rice crispy treats as their train cars. I then spread some coconut flakes on a cookie sheet,topped with some peppermint sticks as the tracks. Then we lined up our train on the tracks. My 5 yo dd, Bean, really got into this one! 3 yo dd, Boppy ate more than she pasted. 19 mo dd Bitty was handed out M & M’s from the table from willing to share sisters and mommy! All in all a fun, simple and not too long craft for young kids!


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