Now what do I do with that chicken?

Well, our first meal off of the whole chicken I wrote about in the previous post was very successful!

I make a batch of cornbread and nuked up a mixed bag of veggies, poured some 100% juice and served it with freshly cut chicken pieces.  I ALSO made an attempt at making my own chicken gravy and it turnout pretty well!  Here’s what I did:

I pour some of the chicken broth into our Magic Bullet, then added some flour and whirled away!  I adjusted and four and broth for the consistentsy I desired.  Yummy!

Then, I pulled the rest of the meat off of the bone and have it saved in a bag for other meals this week.

Next, I kept the bones and the little meat left in the crockpot and added several cups of water.  I now have it simmering.  Hopefully in the morning, I will have the base (without those bones of course) to make a chicken soup!  🙂


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