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Homemade Lavender Rice Sock

I wanted to give my aunt a little something extra special this year, but was lacking the extra money to go on a shopping spree so I decided to go the ‘homespun’ route.  I know she’s had a stressfull year so I started brainstorming on things I could make that would help ease some of her stress and relax.  I put a few ideas together and came up with the lavender rice sock.  I have a similar small pillow and absolutely love it!  Lavender is her favorite scent so I hope I have a winner here for her.

Here’s what I used:

Rice (probably close to two cups)

1/3 cup fresh lavender

1 knee high stocking

1 pretty loooooong sock

Mix the lavender with rice and pour into the knee high stocking and tie at the top.

Then, place the rice/lavender filled knee high into the pretty sock and tie off at the top.  I chose to put the rice and lavender into the knee high first to help prevent any rice and lavender from wedging through the stitching on the sock!


Painting with Q-tips

Here’s a fun painting idea I got from a friend and my kids LOVE it! Here’s what you do:

Do you have any extra leftover bottle liners? I still have a half of a box when our youngest had to be on formula for 2 months. Snip off the bottom to make a short cup and poor glitter glue (or any kind of kid friendly glue). Place a Q-tip in each cup, set cups up on a lined table, place paper in front of your creative kiddo and let them paint away!

Being able to do a glittery, fun craft without too much mess and using up extra things around the house is something that definitely Works for Me! This post is linked to Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by We are That Family. Come join the fun!