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Product Review

I saw an add for Boiron products and requested the free sample with the understanding I would review it on my blog if and when I used the products. I have to admit, I’ve always rolled my eyes at homeopathic medicinal options, but not anymore! Here’s what arrived several weeks ago:

There were three containers as shown above: the aids for colds, coughs and flu symptoms. I have not used the cough and flu symptom relief yet (and frankly, I’d rather not have to use ANY flu relief anytime soon because hopefully no one in our family will be GETTING the flu. . .). However, we recently used the ColdCalm great success.

Here’s the story. A couple days before we were schedule to move, my oldest two kids came down with cold symptoms. I’m not normally a mom to dole out any kind of medicinal relief (even Tylenol) unless it’s really, really, really really necessary! However, with the heavy packing we were doing, I thought this might be a great time to test out the products. I figured I didn’t have anything to loose since I wouldn’t normally give them anything for a cold! I gave my two daughters (ages 3 and 5) the dosage recommended of ColdCalm, though because of packing I wasn’t able to adhere to the schedule dosing as well as I would have liked. However–Bam!–those colds were no where to be found less than three days later! I was stunned. Very stunned–especially since our 19 mo and my husband and I all came down with the cold as well. It turned out to be the severe cold going around town and it was NASTY!

What we DIDN’T like: The packaging. Sorry, but kids could so easily open and take to their hearts content! Granted, the ingredients are fairly safe, but I’d much rather see kid resistant lids on ANYTHING in my medicine box!

What we DID like: Effective, safe, non-drowsy, very easy to use and doesn’t interfer with other drugs (thankfully, none of our kids have to be on medications for health issues, but I liked seeing that for other families I know). We give the ColdCalm two thumbs up!

I have noticed that our local Walgreens and Walmart sell the adult flu symptom version. You can visit their site at http://www.boironusa.com/default.aspx for more product information and a store locator new you! The website if pretty easy to navigate through as well! Highly recommend this company and product!