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New Years Resolutions

It seems just as soon as I got used to writing 2009, it’s time to change to 2010! I’ve certainly been through a lot this year (myself and with my family) so I’m ready to look at 2010 with some hope for change! I know that my only true hope comes from the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ who died for my sins! However, I am hoping that as I pray for wisdom on how to approach some small tangible things in our lives, I will glean a little extra hope on how to plan, prioritize and put into action changes that need to be made!

The first thing I really want to work on this year is my thought patterns. Last year was a very difficult year for me emotionally, to say the least. There are so many facets of why and what can be done, but ONE thing that I CAN do that will help is redirecting my thought patterns from negative to positive. It is so easy to think, “it feel so unfair my husband gets to attend a meeting at church while I stay home to feed the kids, bathe them, and then get them to bed–I’d like to attend and have some adult interaction too!” It’s harder to think, “I am so glad my husband has this opportunity because he doesn’t get a chance to see his church friends as much as I do and there are a couple of small projects I can get done after the kids go to bed and before he gets home so we can maybe watch a movie or play a game after he gets home!” So, goal number one is: To counter each negative thought with a positive thought!

The second thing I want to work on is completing projects. I LOVE projects. I love buying a pattern, material, thread, notions and DREAMING of the beautiful creation that waits; only to have all the above still sitting in my craft box six months later. This is a waste of money and space. The worst part? I keep doing it!! So, goal number two is: complete 1-2 attainable projects each month. I will not allow myself to buy materials for additional projects until started projects are completed!

The third thing I need to help on is not giving up! For example, I will start an exercise routine but when it just doesn’t work, I stop. I don’t try to figure out how to make it better or try something different. Hmmm, probably will need some accountability in this one! 🙂 So, goal number three is not give up on road blocks!

What about you? What are some of your New Years Resolutions?


A Star for the Christmas Tree Craft

I decided to retire the big bow I’d been putting on top of the Christmas tree for the past ten years. I wanted a star! A silver, sparkly, but not too cheesey Star for the tree. Partially because, well, I think it’s pretty and another–a reminder of the Star of Bethlehem! Evidently silver, sparkly, but not too cheesey stars are not in vogue this year because I couldn’t find one ANYWHERE. What to do, what to do. . . .

A friendly sales associate a Menards suggested I make one and even suggested a kid friendly craft for the occasion! I wish I could remember her name because I would love to credit her with the initial idea!

Here’s what you need:
Paper cut-out of star in size you want
Empty toilet paper cardboard roll
Silver Glitter

What we did:

We traced the star onto the cardboard, then cut the cardboard star out. Then we placed a thin layer of glue on one side of the star and smoothed out a sheet of foil (shiney side faceing out). Then carefully cut away the access foil. Ta da! A foil star! But, we’re not done yet! Then place a another thin layer of glue on top of the foil and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle the silver glue on! My kids thought this was the best part!

Then we put a thin layer of glue on the toilet paper tube and wrapped foil around it, carefully cutting the access away after it was sealed.

Then, glue the tube onto the back of the star. I will admit, I put a little extra super glue on for reinforcement after the kids went to bed. 🙂

After everything is SUPER dry, then place on top of the Christmas tree!

So now I have a silver, sparkly star. Yeah, it’s a bit cheesey, but cheesey is always ok when it’s made by love from your kids (with some help)! 🙂