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In case you’re wondering. . .

You can teach a young child how to blow their nose by having them blow out a small candle with their nose! 🙂

I regret I did not come up with this idea. I read about it somewhere, several months ago and filed it away in my memory. As luck would have it, during all of this packing our middle dd, Boppy, has a cold and is having trouble clearing her nose out. She’s over 3 and I didn’t want to pull the bulb syringe out, so I figured it was time to teach her how to blow her nose. I lit a tea light candle, pulled her hair back (well, because I didn’t want another problem on my hands) and had her blow the candle out with her nose. She did it! And now there is snot all over the candle. Yuck. Oh well–the lesson was learned. Passing this tip on as a success!


In case you’re wondering. . .

you can successfully use compressed air on cleaning a box fan or box space heater!

I noticed our little heater just wasn’t putting out the forced air heat I would normally expect from it. I was somewhat concerned since I stick it in front of three clothes racks for drying all of our laundry. I turned it off and peered inside–it was covered in dust! How was I going to get all of that out of there? Then I remembered one of those nifty tools my husband uses, but I generally have no clue to it’s practical use and purpose: The Compressed Air Can! Wow! What a difference! I also used this on a box fan not too long ago with similar results! Hubby is so proud. 🙂

In case you’re wondering. . .

If you feel a slight tickle in the back of your throat and decide to counter it ‘naturally’ and choose a clove of garlic (helps fight bacterial and viral infections)with some olive oil, it will probably help. However, if you happen to choose a really, really, big clove of garlic (1.0 inches by .5 inches) it will BURN going down your throat. And if you happen to take it on an empty stomach, it will BURN there too. And no matter how many peppermints you suck on for three hours afterwards, it will not completely get rid of that ‘odd’ feeling in your digestive system, nor the aftertaste (not to mention the heartburn). And then you have to wonder, was the nutritional benefits of garlic and olive oil countered by the amount of sugar in all of those peppermints?

In case you’re wondering. . .

If a toddler wipes her running nose on your face while giving you a hug and you decide in a moment of “Aaaaaack GERMS!” (even though the entire virus is in the family) to rub some waterless hand sanitizer on your face— it stings. And smells bad.

In case you’re wondering. . .

–It is very difficult to remove a guitar pick from in between two piano keys.

–If you accidently wash a discarded (yet thankfully not soiled) Pull-Up, the absorbent crystals will detach from the lining and attach themselves to your clothes.