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A new look for our baby!

This week began a new challenge for me as a mom.  Our 20 month old daughter, Bitty, began wearing perscription glasses.  We had noticed the normal newborn “cross eyes” never went away for her and we, in fact, getting worse.  She she was focusing on something her eyes, especially one, would cross in and then at other times one or both eyes would cross at random.  We asked the doctor at her last Well-Child check up and she told us it was definitely time to get her to a specialist!  So a week ago, we walked into the eye clinic in town and saw an eye doctor who specializes with pediatric eye issues.  I was amazed at the tests he was able to do without freaking her out.  She had started to cry when we walked in the room and she saw all the big equipment!  He was so patient and thorough; and most definitely confirmed the lack of muscle control in her eyes, especially in the right eye.  He has prescribed her glasses to see if that will help the problem and after several evaluations if the problem is not getting corrected–well, we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

I would be lying if I said I at peace with all of this.  I mean, I’m thankful we’re catching this hereditary (maternal Aunt) problem early on, but it was breaking my heart as we tried glasses on my little girl!  So little!  I figured with my husband’s family history of weaker eyes and the few in my family that one (or possibly all) of our kids would end up with glasses some day, but NEVER did I expect it to happen at 20 months when they were still a toddler.  Our other two kids, ages 3 and 5 seem to still have my 20/20 vision, but we’ll see what happens as time goes on.  My hubby was very thrilled that it looked like a solution for Bitty’s eyes were coming and I was dreading (because I’m home all day with her!!) the challenge of keeping glasses on a toddler!

Never did I imagine that she would not only like having the glasses on, but actually ask for them when getting up in the morning and from her naps!  She evidently notices an improvement in her ability to take in the world and LIKES it!  She has very rarely taken them off and I am so relieved!

My little girl seeing better and not having a battle on my hands to get her to see better is definitely a Finer Thing!

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Having a bad day?

Ever have a day where you have a really hard time keeping a good attitude and patience?  I had one of those today.  Ok, confession–I’ve have lots of those lately!  Three o’clock came today and I knew something had to change!  ME!  I prayed the Lord would renew my attitude and give me wisdom on what to do–even just for the next minute!  At that moment, I looked up and saw the sun was shining and heard kids playing outside.  That was all I needed!  I told the kids we were going to bundle up and walk the block to the park!  Boundless excitement rattled through our home as they hurriedly got their winter gear on.  I was even getting excited at the prospect of being outside for a few minutes in that sunshine (even if the temp was 28 degrees).  I loaded up the double stroller with the youngest two and got ready to push the stroller with our oldest when my hubby came home EARLY!  THANK YOU JESUS!!  The kids, of course, were just as excited to see him as I was and proudly told him we were walking to Huntley Park!  Well, he locked up the car and offered to push the stroller so I could walk hand in hand with our oldest!  We had a lovely family walk to the park and played in the 12+ inches of snow at the park and on the playground equipment!  I felt rejuvenated!  Spending some positive time with my kids (instead of the barking and reprimanding somewhat grouchiness that had been happening all day it seemed), having hubby home early and getting some fresh air was just what the doctor ordered!  Now the house is quiet and I think I’ll pull out the ONLY book that can really renew me:  my Bible!

A family outing and time in the Bible–this definitely works for me!  This post is linked to Works For Me Wednesday hosted at We Are That Family!