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Weekly Memory Verse February 1, 2010

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” ย James 1:17


Save the Candle!

I have a candle holiday candle holder with coordinating candle that I love! I am very sad the candle is showing signs up frequent use; but I am not ready to toss the candle. Nor can I find an exact replacement. My solution? I put a tea light in the center of the candle so I can still light my shimmery, glowing white candle without having to burn it down even more!

We’re here!

We made it!

Who would have thought moving just ten miles could be such a headache, literally?

We finally got everything packed even with our family starting to come down with Colds (and an extra migrane for my hubby). We were so grateful for many guys from our church coming out to help load up the truck and unload it at our new place in town (we moved from a farm just outside of town).

We celebrated our first week by unpacking and suffering through the severe cold that worked it’s way through our family. I have to give a two big thumbs up for a homeopathic medication I gave our oldest two kids, they were through the cold in no time with very little symptoms–but I’ll save more on that for another blog post. It also took a week for the internet to get hooked up. It was surprising to me how hard it was to not be connected. Hmmm, maybe I rely on the internet more than I thought I did? Definitely something to be pondered.

However, I am glad to report that aside from lingering sore throats for my hubby and me and just a couple more boxes, looks like we pretty well settled! We even got our Christmas tree set up this weekend! Now it definitely feels like a home! It was hard moving on a day I would normally be decking the halls and walls with Christmas galore! Thanksgiving/Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year!

Now, where are the Christmas cds?
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Moving Sanity Savers

I’m still in the middle of boxes, labeling, sorting, and more boxes! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but still have a couple days until we reach it! I’ve done a couple things with this move that seemed to have made a positive difference!

1. De-clutter ahead of packing! I don’t think I can stress this one enough! Though, ask me again in Saturday afternoon if I am still standing by that statement. So far, however, it has made the packing process so much easier, albeit a little slower. I knew a couple weeks ahead of time we would be moving. I began the process of going through a box of things here, a drawer there, a cabinet here, a closet of clothes there. Now that it’s time to get into high gear and pack the boxes, they are packing up much quicker!

2. Hire a babysitter for a few hours. We have two levels (not counting the unfinished basement and never used attic). My youngest, Bitty, takes a nap in the afternoon up in her room and when she gets up later in the afternoon, I am usually very busy with all three and fixing dinner, etc. It is almost impossible to do anything upstairs after all three kids go to bed at night so I am left with mornings to try and work on organizing and packing the upstairs. So, to make things a little eaiser on me (and my kids) I hired a babysitter for four mornings this past week and a half. My task those four mornings was to get the upstairs ready (literally) to go! Success! Just about EVERYTHING upstairs is now downstairs in boxes, or is really to go immediately! Well worth the pennies spent! The kids were able to have a great time playing with someone who is not stressed out and I didn’t have to resort to the glowing-tube babysitter which always puts my kids in a bad mood afterwards (go figure).

3. Devotional time. This was was the hardest, but it shouldn’t have been. It’s hard to sometimes justify taking out just 10-15 minutes for ME to read my Bible and Pray. There’s things to do around the house and quickly, right? Well, that 10-15 minutes really make it go smoother. I can start the day and tasks with a much clearer head, heart and attitude!

The result? I am happy to report the packing is going very well (still not as quickly as I would like, but does it ever?) and I have hardly snapped at my kids and hubby! Until Saturday, I am more than happy to accept any sizable donation of chocolate for extra sanity boosters! ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday Celebration

Maybe I should re-title that: What I did for a day and a half instead of packing boxes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, as luck would have it, our oldest daughter, Bean, had a birthday during this packing/moving season. I was determined to still give her a good birthday, I also knew it would help her with the transition!

My mother-in-law had given me some wonderful cake decorating utensils for my birthday earlier this year and I have to say, it really made decorating the cake MUCH easier! Normally, my homemade cakes royally flop! I guess somethings do go better if you have the RIGHT tools to do it with! I know this cake isn’t the most exquisite, but I was mighty proud of it (considering the past)! She had requested a butterfly on her cake. A butterfly? Butterfly? Thankfully, she thought my “butterfly” resembled the real deal enough, and was elated when she saw the cake!

My next big task was making a play wedding dress ensemble for her! She had a marriage craze for a few months and then attended two weddings this fall! I thought she’d get a real kick out of having her own “wedding dress!” Seeing her excitement and smiles as she opened the box and tried it on made the hours I lost sleep and packing so worth it!

Happy Birthday, Bean!


Hi all–been away for a few days so I could put all my energy into getting ready for our move (along with still trying to be a nice wife and mommy)! ๐Ÿ™‚

So here we are. A week away from our ten mile move. You’d think with it being such a short distance, it would be less to do and less stressful! But the reality is, the entire house still has to be packed, loaded, and cleaned and then unloaded and unpacked at our new house. Here’s my tentative schedule for the next week, we’ll see how well I can stick with it. It seems I’ve learned something new with each move we’ve had (four moves in our seven years of marriage). Hopefully, I keep putting in to practice things I learn!

Saturday 2009Nov21: Garage, Garden, Outside Toys, Upper porch, and Continue to de-clutter taking the extras to Salvation Army, Crisis pregnancy center or the resale shop.

Sunday 2009Nov22: Continue to de-clutter, pack non-essential household

Monday 2009Nov23: Non-essential household, upper storage and basement storage.

Tuesday 2009Nov24: Non-essential household

Wednesday 2009Nov25: Kitchen as much as possible, Toys besides the few toys remaining out for moving day entertainment

Thursday 2009Nov26: [Thanksgiving Day] Finish non-essential household

Friday 2009Nov27: Take down table, Take down futon, Finish all other packing besides the Saturday last minute

Saturday 2009Nov28: Pack up current bed linens, pack up fridge and freezer items, load up truck, take down gates.

Am I forgetting something? Probably–I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it!

Anyone in Northern Illinois wanna come help load up a truck?

Why I STILL love my MobyWrap!

I was given a MobyWrap when Boppy was born and I loved it! I wore her for several months. I also used it with our youngest, Bitty. I loved having them so close to me, they loved being snuggled up to me, and I especially loved how the wrap didn’t hurt my back! I had tried a baby ‘harness’ thing when (our oldest) Bean was born and it made my back really sore! However, I never really gave serious thought to using the Moby beyond 6 months or so.

Until this week.

Bitty sprained her ankle in a playground accident. Thankfully, it’s not serious, but she’s to take it ‘easy’ for a few days! Haha–I really did laugh at the doctor when he told me that! How do you tell an 18 month old to ‘take it easy!’ Evidently Bitty was listening well because she has wanted nothing but my arms since the accident! Now Bitty is somewhat small. She weighs in at about 22 pounds (which is chubby in comparison to Boppy!). However, even with her small stature, my arms were starting to get quite sore. So, on a whim, I pulled out the Moby just before my MOPS meeting and looked up the instructions on the side hold for bigger babies. I thought it might work for Bitty since she’s still the weight of a normal big baby! It worked! Bitty stayed with me during the MOPS meeting. Yup. The entire two hours! Bitty loves it, my arms loves it and my back loves it! It’s great knowing that I can provide that extra comfort she is needing right now, while being able to get somethings done (i.e. packing since we’re moving in TWO WEEKS)!